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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Glenrothes: Vintage 2001 bottled in 2012 (Edition 1)

Glenrothes: Vintage 2001 bottled in 2012 (Edition 1) 

The staff at Lyons Family Eye Care knew that I was a single malt Scotch connoisseur.

They knew that I enjoy different expressions of various whiskys and that each was an adventure.... a remarkable adventure that all too often disappeared from one's reality once the last dram was bottled, sold and slowly, joyfully consumed.

Many of the finest single malts are one time only, limited quantity releases. Once it is is gone. That is why each drop, each dram, each olfactory and gustatory experience is so unique and ephemeral.

Here are my tasting notes for Glenrothes Vintage 2001 [bottled in 2012 Edition 1]. Glenrothes makes it very easy to write up your own tasting notes, compare them to a panel of experts and others like myself. The major aspects of this very fine whisky is its citrus notes, spiciness and a strong dry finish.