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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Penderyn Madeira Single Malt Whiskey (Wales, UK): Tasting Notes

Penderyn Madeira Single Malt Whisky (Wales, UK):Tasting Notes

The Penderyn distillery is located in the old village of Penderyn within the foothills of the
Brecon Beacons. It's been called the best little distillery in Wales and is supposed to make very smooth wysgi. This is my first single malt from Wales....and it held several surprises.

The alcohol by volume (ABV) is 46%. No age statement provided.


Color: A very bright gold. It fools you somewhat because after resting in Madeira casks for a bit, you would think the color would be much, much darker. When you swirl the whisky in your glass, it leaves noticeable legs, that cling for but a short time.

Nose: It is milder than the 46% ABV would imply. The aromas include: sweet mild oaky, lots of fruit with hints of cinnamon. 

First taste: BAM! You immediately get hit with some heat. Heat you never expected. There is a fruitiness there that tells your taste buds to enjoy.

Finish: Fairly long lasting. Firm but so smooth, tapering to a mild dryness. The warmth continues as does the sensations of the first tasting.

Buy a bottle? Yes!  Is it Worth a try at your favorite pub in Wales, yes!MainosMusings Rating? 4/5M's!!    MMMMs

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