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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Filament Theatre Presents: Crossing Six Corners School Days!

Once again the Filament Theatre Ensemble has done an awesome job in capturing the spirit of my neighborhood of Six Corners/Portage Park in Chicago. Here's a few photos and videos of there steller performance!

Come see Monsters in the Hall performed by this incredibly talented group of men and women!!

Don't forget to come to see/hear New Orlean’s musician Monica McIntyre on the Filament stage 9/14/2014She is an Artist, Cellist, Singer, Lyricist, Community Activist and Healer; these are a few titles which could be used to describe Monica McIntyre. As a musician Monica weaves a beautiful tapestry of colors and sounds so vivid and unique that one genre simply cannot cover it all. She seamlessly blends: Blues, Soul, Classical, Jazz, Reggae and Middle Eastern sounds with the unique cello techniques of: slapping, plucking and strumming, into an unforgettable musical landscape.

Videos of Crossing Six Corners School Days!!

St Bartholomew School Memoirs 

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