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Friday, June 20, 2014

Ryan Westwood: Actor, Musician, and......

Ryan Westwood: Actor, Musician, and......

I first met Ryan Westwood at one of the rehearsals of the Snow Queen that I attended during the Filament Theatre Ensemble's preparations for their first full theatrical event in their brand new theater. I was a newly minted Board of Directors member of this not for profit professional theater group. I knew little to nothing about theater. I sang in a few high school musicals, played the music of Chicago and Blood, Sweat and Tears in a large brass dominated rock band, and sang in a show choir....but never did much in the way of acting, directing, or managing a theater group. So I was a newbie...... a newbie with a keen interest in how all of this worked.

Ryan Westwood: The Video (A new video that tells Ryan's remarkable story)

Ryan is a busker. I did not know that word until I met Ryan. A busker is someone who literally "sings for his supper". Ryan is the Filament's 2013 recipient of the Allies's Gift Award and much more. Listen to his music here. He is awesome. He is talented. He is Ryan Westwood!

Watch this video for a better understanding of this unique profession (and of my friend, Ryan Westwood).