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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Macallan 15 y/o Fine Oak

Let me just say this up front. In my opinion, The Macallan whiskies are overpriced and over-hyped. There are whispers within the whisky-I-net world that they even withheld product to drive up the demand and the price. Their advertising may push quality that is there, but maybe not at the level this House of Scotch would have you believe.

Now having said all of that, The Macallan serves a fine whisky. It is a whisky that should be one of the first non-whisky drinkers should try. The 15 y/o rests in both sherry and bourbon seasoned oak casks. An overall fine dram.

The alcohol by volume (ABV) is 43% ...right in the range I like it to be.


Color: Light gold, straw-like.  When you swirl it in your nosing glass, it leaves a slight footprint. It clings but for a short time.

Nose: Mild. The aromas include cinnamon, vanilla, with some floral hints.

First taste: Medium-bodied, firm, warming, cinnamon, hints of rose and vanilla

Finish: Medium-lasting, smooth. Mild warmth continues

Add a wee bit of water.

Color: No change. Thins very so slightly.

Nose: Opens up ever so slightly.

Flavor: Did not notice a huge difference. The cinnamon and especially the vanilla became more evident.

Finish: No surprises here. A good whisky. Buy a bottle? Perhaps not. Worth a try at your favorite pub? Definitely!

MainosMusings Rating? 4/5M's!!    MMMMs

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