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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Glenfiddich 15 y/o

Glenfiddich 15 y/o: Tasting Notes

I am enamored by all Scotch from the Glenfiddich family. So I am probably biased in this review. This whisky is aged in European, American and New American oak casks and is then mellowed in a Solera Vat and in Portuguese oak tuns.

The alcohol by volume (ABV) is 40%.


Color: A very nice, rich red-amber. When you swirl it in your glass, it leaves noticeable legs ... a discernible footprint. It clings for a time to let you know it has traveled along the vessel holding this fine dram.

Nose: You know it is there. It seems bolder than the 40% ABV would imply. The aromas include: oak, almost imperceptible mild peat/smoke, cinnamon with slight hint of chocolate. Much more complex than The Macallan 15 y/o I just sampled. This is a good thing.

First taste: Medium to full -bodied, firm, warming, cinnamon, hints of oaky-vanilla. There is a sweetness there that tells your taste buds to enjoy.

Finish: Fairly long lasting. Firm but so very smooth. The warmth continues as does the sensations of the first tasting.

Add a wee bit of water.

Color: Still nicely amber..

Nose: Wow! A very small amount of water opens this whisky like no other I’ve recently had. All the aromas are still there…but bolder. The chocolate comes out nicely

Flavor: Wow #2! It is incredible what a small drop of water can do. All is as before, but bolder and more evident.

Finish: Excellent. The finish is all flavor that does not diminish from the first taste. A bit bolder, complex and satisfying, a sensory experience worth having!

This dram almost begs for that drop of water…and I do not say this about many whiskies. When neat, it is a very fine whisky….when combined with a teardrop of moisture, it is sublime!

Buy a bottle? Yes! Buy a case! Is it Worth a try at your favorite pub as well? Definitely!

MainosMusings Rating? 5/5M's!!    MMMMMs

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