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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Filament Theatre Ensemble Rocks!!

As a fan of and now a member of the Board of Directors for the non-profit Filament Theatre Ensemble, I have come to appreciate just how incredible they are as a resource for my community in Chicago and the city of Chicago in general. The plans we have to expand our reach into the neighborhoods... to the young and old alike...are awesome. 

A community that supports the arts...receives a great deal in return. Take a look at this video..then click the link below to help us with our theater buildout campaign. 

<<<<All donations are welcome>>> to help support this non-profit group..big between...

Thanks! DM

Saturday, December 7, 2013

45th Ward Alderman John Arena's Holiday Party Videos!

The Holiday Party to support the good work of Chicago Alderman, John Arena was a huge success. Many supporters came to enjoy the music, good food and great entertainment. The Sweet Potato Zydeco Boys played...and the Inside Out Art Studio was open as well. See the videos below:

Friday, December 6, 2013

John Arena's Holiday Party Huge Success!

My mask creation
I went to Alderman John Arena's Holiday Party. It was held at the Filament Theatre Ensemble theater space and was very well attended. I also had a chance to meet some old friends and to make some new ones.

The Inside Out Art Studio was open as well (the studio is in the same building on the 3rd floor.....the National Veterans Art Museum is on the 2nd floor but was not open).

One of the new friends I had a chance to meet was  a fine fellow by the name of Kenji Kerin. Kenji is an incredible photographer who has his studio in the same building as the Filament Theatre Ensemble. He was taking pictures during this grand event.

I also talked to WLUW New Orleans Jazz radio host, Tom Jackson. He brought in much of the entertainment for this evenings festivities.

Below are some photos and videos of the event. Enjoy! Support a great Chicago Alderman....John Arena.

John Arena talking to the holiday crowd
 The Sweet Potato Zydeco Boys played during the evening. Artists from the Inside Out Art Studio showed off many of their creations and juggled!

Scroll down to see the mask I made at the Inside Out Art Studio.....

Inside Out Art Studio Juggler
My awesome mask!
Filament Theatre Ensemble Poster

My Mask!!!

My Mask and funny teeth!