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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Doc MacMaino's Whisky Experience: New Blends

I have been aging new make spirit (corn, rye and single malt barely) in first fill Oak, 2 & 5 liter barrels for several months. I then aged some of this a bit longer in heavily toasted French Oak wood chips or lightly toasted American Oak wood chips. In a limited number of these, I also put in some orange zest left over from my wife's home made Arangello, cinnamon sticks, ASADO coffee grounds, and dried hot peppers.

You can see how I blended them by looking at the labels I created for each bottling. These blends are 110 to 120 proof, so you should take them most seriously. Do I have a favorite? I don't know just yet.

I am going to try them neat, with a bit of water, on the rocks and then perhaps with a splash of soda or in Ginger Ale. I will keep you posted. DM

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