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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Victory in Victoria! The 2013 Victoria Conference

Victoria, BC, Canada

The 8AM lecture wasn't so difficult.

Sure, it was early in the morning. The audience may have been recovering from an overindulgence of Candadian hospitality, good food, and powerful drink.

But no worries....this early morning lecture our intreprid presenter could handle with ease....but the next day, well, that could have been different.

The cards (and perhaps, even the fates) were stacked against Dr. Dominick Maino. His 2 hour lecture was preceded by 3 hours of presentions by others.

Dominick's presentation was just before lunch and to make matters worse, the earlier effect of the coffee induced, caffeine mediated audience attentiveness was wearing off.

Dominick was on his own. Left to his own devices.

Pulling out all the stops and using principles of neurolasticity (and a bit of theatrics and edutainment) to asist him in keeping his audience awake...he was determined that the learning process continue...even when the stomach growled....   He began the lecture...

Victoria Bay Reflections
Was he successful? By all accounts, yes! Victory was realized in Victoria. Learning about Binocular Vision Problems, Optometric Vision Therapy and 3 D Vision Syndrome was accomplished by those optometrists in attendance and this knowledge will be put to use to improve the lives of their patients. Awesome!
Mission Accomplished!

I want to thank all the good folks at Pacific University College of Optometry responsible for this continuing education program. I deeply appreciated the ability to play a role in its success. (A really big shout out goes to Jeanne Oliver, Director of External Relations, Marti Fredericks (she seemed to be all over the place helping out), and Bob DeGroat (a fellow techy who made sure all of the technology worked perfectly!) And finally a special thanks to the sponsors: Alcon, Allergan, Genzyme and Luxottica. Without your support, this meeting  could not have happened!

The 2013 Victoria Conference was incredible. I hope to be invited back soon. DM

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