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Saturday, June 22, 2013

CVRS: Day 2

The Child Vision Research Society meeting on day two held many wonderful presentations starting with that by Daphne Mauer, Professor, McMaster University. She spoke on "Critical Periods Re-Examined: Evidence from Children Treated for Congenital Cataract". I am thrilled that the science is catching up to the clinician. Those of us who work with patients have known for some time that the neuroplasticity was much greater than most thought within medicine. The rest of the morning was spent with presentations concerning amblyopia while the afternoon discussed heterophoria and vergence eye movements.

Another presentation entitled, "Does-And How Does - Vision Therapy (Orthoptic Treatment) Work?" Left me with many questions and concerns about how this particular research was conducted. I will not discuss this here, but will probably do so in an editorial in Optometry & Visual Performance at a future date. Those of us who consider ourselves functional/developmental/behavioral optometrists have a great deal of work to do with these fine researchers to better communicate what we do, how we do it and the science behind behavioral vision care. As I become more involved in CVRS, I am hoping we can bridge the gap between our differences using the many similarities we share.

In the afternoon, presentations were given concerning remote gaze tracking, the Pacific Acuity Cards (which look very for a paper on this topic by Dr. John Lowery) and the iSight App for  vision screening. The afternoon continued with additional presentations, posters and the awarding of "Best Posters" to 3 participants (I was one of the judges).

The day ended with a group photograph being taken....herding cats would have been easier.

Drs. Quaid & Maino
Dr. Tom Freddo
I then went out to dinner with 2 good friends and colleagues. Dr. Patrick Quaid, Dr. Tom Freddo and I sipped some good Scotch (Glenfiddich 12 y/o), ate an incredible meal and talked for more than 3 hours about numerous topics.

The next day would find the CRVS group in Toronto at the Hospital for Sick Children....and the final day of our meeting. DM

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