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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Child Vision Research Society: University of Waterloo College of Optometry

Dr. Quaid &  Dr. Maino
Well, I made it to Toronto from Chicago without incident. (Remind me to tell you about my trip to Omaha sometime!)

 My good friend and colleague, Dr. Patrick Quaid, picked me up from the airport and then took me to his office. It is a beautiful office with a high end dispensary, a patient waiting area that looks more plush than my living room and, even better, he also showed me his good sized vision therapy room. We then went to a nice restaurant for some lunch.

After lunch he noted that in my haste to pack for this meeting, I had forgotten to bring my sunglasses with me. Patrick then brought me a pair of absolutely stunning Maui Jim sunglasses to help me adjust to all this tropical weather in Toronto. (Despite popular opinion in the States, Canada does not have snow on the ground in June!!)

Patrick and I then proceeded to the University of Waterloo Conference Center. I checked into my room (This is a dorm room with the washroom across the hall.  I now have memories of my undergrad days at Beloit College!). Comfortable. Clean. Inexpensive...with real "air conditioning" (I opened the window). The staff was very helpful during check-in....and even more so when I requested a room a bit closer to the action.

Tomorrow the CVRS meeting starts at the university's College of Optometry. I will be hobnobbing with the best researchers and clinicians in pediatric eye and
vision care from all over the world. This is awesome! (The program and abstracts can be found by clicking here.)

During this meeting several of my colleagues will be showing posters that represent their research. I have been asked to judge these posters (To all researchers, be it known that I am above reproach in all things. My vote cannot be bought with cash. However, I have been known to look upon any colleague with fondness when they offer me a wee dram of Single Malt Scotch. Just sayin'!).

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