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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Child Vision Research Society: Day 1

Well, it is now actually day 2 of the CVRS meeting at the University of Waterloo in the mystical land of Canada, but let me tell you about day 1.

Yes. It is true. All that 'stuff' you've heard about Canadians is true. They are "nice"! My hosts have been incredible. They go above and beyond.

My friends and colleagues, Drs. Quaid, Bobier, Leat (and about 50 others) have been awesome in making sure I am well treated at all times (of course, it's not just me but all of the other attendees as well).

Yesterday's program included interesting poster presentation and cutting edge papers. I was asked to be a "judge" for the poster session and it is going to be very difficult to pick "the best" since all were outstanding.

Dr. Maggie Woodhouse
Dr. Carol Westall
I also continued my conversation with Dr. Maggie Woodhouse, who is the preeminent researcher/clinician in the area of vision and those with Down syndrome, (Cardiff University, UK) and her colleague (and now my friend as well), Professor Carol Westall (Director, Visual Electrophysiology, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto). They both have a great sense of humor (they laugh at all my jokes!) and I feel as if I've known them for decades.
Dr. Bill Bobier

Dr. Bill Bobier, Professor at the University of Waterloo School of Optometry, is a friend I've known since our AOSA (American Optometric Student Association) days together . Way back then the Canadian optometry students would come down to the States after their comprehensive examinations to attend the AOSA annual meeting. Bill, my brother Joseph and I would solve all of optometry's problems during these meetings....well, at least helped to solve them!

There is several College of Optometrists in Vision Development here as well including Dr. Betty Fretz. I've met Betty previously at COVD meetings, but had a chance to get to know her a bit better at this meeting.

Dr. Sue Cotter
Dr. Sue Cotter, Illinois College of Optometry alum, former ICO faculty member and long time friend (she's now a Professor at the Southern California College of Optometry) was the Keynote speaker. As always, she gave an incredible presentation about the "The Mulit-Ethnic Pediatric Eye Disease Study: Implications for Clinical Practice". Sue is going to make me do something most of us hate to do....change the way we conduct our examination. The research she is doing has shown that at least 2 of the examination techniques we use routinely when examining young children appear to be of little value. Darn! Just when I thought I had this all figured out, I may have to pay attention to the research and alter the way I practice! (All docs should pay attention to the research. All docs should use this to guide what they do and how they do it....even if we don't like it much!!)

Well, I'm off for day 2 of the CVRS meeting....will keep you posted! DM

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