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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Doc Maino's Time Warped Aged, Micro-barrel, Very, Very Small Batch Whiskey: It's Done!

Doc Maino's Time Warped Aged, Micro-barrel, Very, Very Small Batch Whiskey: It's Done!

 Well it's been 3 months and my micro-barrel, very small batch whiskey should be done. 

It's not. 

I like the color, but the taste is not at the quality level I have come to expect from my whiskey. I added two glasses of my aging rye mixture to the barrel and am going to give it another month. Will let you know then how it turns out.

Most of the reviews I've read about Woodinville age your own whiskey end result have been outstanding....I'm not convinced just yet. Will let you know in another month.

My rye aging whiskey endeavor should be ready to taste in September. Will keep you all posted on this experiment as well. I do like the color of the rye much better....very dark amber-like. It is a bit sweet, but that's probably going to be just fine for rye whiskey. Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

ASCRS Small Mindedness, Pettiness Bad for Quality Patient Care

ASCRS Small Mindedness, Pettiness Bad for Quality Patient Care

The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ACDS), an organization of ophthalmologists (OMD), continue to demonstrate their inability to recognize that optometrists (OD) are not their servants, but rather their equals. When you combine this with their fear that optometry is as competent as, if not better than OMDs at delivering medical eye care to our patients, they have created policies that show a level of small mindedness and pettiness that are unbecoming for any group of professionals. As a result of these policies, ACRS bans optometrists from attending their continuing education meetings. The ACRS leadership must be very frightened of the high level of knowledge already demonstrated by optometrists to be so afraid of us acquiring additional education.

ACRS has now formed an Integrated Ophthalmic-Managed Eyecare Delivery (IOMED) Task Force. This task force is supposed to suggest ways in which the ACRS and its members can advance an eye care delivery model that includes optometrists. This model, of course, is to be led by ophthalmology. This Integrated Eyecare Model runs contrary to all other models of delivery of health care in the United States and once again demonstrates the inability of the OMDs of this organization to work with as opposed to desire the domination of another profession.

All models of health care delivery have the primary care practitioner as the entry point into the health care arena. No models have the surgeon, (who is recognized as a secondary or tertiary level provider) defined as a provider of primary care. OMDs are surgeons who also appear to want to be primary eye care providers. They seem to be confused as to their role within the health care system. Perhaps this is not confusion, but rather a conscious plan to limit access to eye and vision care providers (optometrists) better suited to meet the needs of the majority of the population.

I urge ACRS and all ophthalmologic organizations to immediately cease any programs that clearly are designed to benefit themselves and not their patients. They should cease all polices that reflect poorly upon their organization. They should immediately work with and not against optometry. If they do this, we can then work together for the benefit of our patients.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Commentary on Mistakes

Following in the footsteps of my opthalmological refractive surgeon colleagues, I no longer make mistakes...I only do enhancements!

But let's face it, I've been around long enough now so that I have earned the title of being chronologically enhanced. This means that I've had plenty of opportunities to make mistakes.

Last Sunday, I cantered the 9:30AM Mass for my wife who was working. I really did not have an opportunity to look at the music beforehand....but  I've been doing this for a number of years, so I felt fairly confident that there wouldn't be any problems.

Except for the Psalm. There is a composer by the name of Guimont who writes Psalms that I seldom like. For the most part I find his Psalms boring. The pitch goes up a note or two....and then down a note or two.... There is seldom any harmony involved.

I hadn't sung this particular Psalm before, but after a brief practice with my music director just prior to Mass I problems....

I'm literally standing in front of God and everybody when the introduction to the Psalm starts. I come in when I'm supposed to and actually manage to sing the first verse fairly well.

During the second verse I decided (for some unknown reason) to make up my own words...and throw in a few new and interesting notes (at least they were in the same key)... the bottom line being I made a couple of mistakes....

As I started the 3rd verse I decided to sing a bit louder and let the words of the Psalm touch my heart. I just decided to "enhance" my mistakes by letting go....and let God handle the rest.

In the 3rd verse I wasn't just singing, I was making music.

There's a saying...when you sing, you pray twice.

I think that when you make good music that your prayer is sent by special delivery!

Enhancements are always so much better than mistakes.DM

Monday, July 9, 2012

City NewsStand: New and Improved!

City News Stand new entrance
 City NewsStand has been a part of the Six Corners Portage Park neighborhood in Chicago for decades. It started out as a real old time news stand on the corner of Cicero, Irving Park and Milwaukee, but soon became a brick and mortar store. This new and improved City NewsStand was made possible in part due to TIF funding by the city of Chicago.

My friend and fellow St. Bartholomew parishioner, Joe Angelestri runs this establishment..They have more than 60 Newspapers & 6,000 Magazines.

Dominick & Joe
Their magazine collection covers numerous topics including my current obsession with learning all I can about distilled spirits (Scotch and other whiskeys mostly). They're open from 7AM to 11PM 7 days a week and have been serving Chicago's magazine needs since 1988.

Stop by and tell "Joe" I said Hi!

City Newsstand
4018 N. Cicero
Chicago, IL  60641.
Our phone number is
 (773) 545-7377 .

Enjoying an iced coffee during the hot summer in Chicago

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Maino's Whiskey Tasting Notes: 1263 King Alexander III

1263 King Alexander III 

I've found that I am prone towards whiskeys that have a back story. These back stories are often historically based but embelished by the marketing department of the distillery. It's similar to so many "movies" based on history, but spiced up for a better sense of drama. As you know, no matter the history, the important part is if the movie is well done...or not. When it comes to Scotch, they can get me interested in their product by a good story, but like with the movies the important part is if the whisky is well done....or not. DM
King Alexander III
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Maino's Whisky Tasting Notes: Highland Park 25

I brought this whisky back from Scotland and I'm sure glad I did! Highland Park 25 is a very enjoyable whiskey, a very complex whisky. This is not for is for sipping. Enjoy! DM
Highland Park 25
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doc Maino's Time Warped Aged, Micro-barrel, Very, Very Small Batch Whiskey

Almost Ready

Today is July 2nd. The Bourbon mash has been sitting in its charred oak barrel since April 19th. Supposedly....after about 3 experiment should be over. Since this is a very small barrel....the wood to alcohol ratio is such that it takes significantly shorter to age into a drinkable whiskey.

You will notice (see below) that there are 2 barrels in this picture. The one on the left (and the glass on the left) is my original Bourbon mash aged almost 3 months. Do you see how the deep golden color appears compared to the very clear color of the liquid of the glass in the middle? This whisky has picked up the influence of the oak barrel....and when ready should have the characteristic vanilla and caramel notes when sipped.

Ah, but here is where I did a bit of experimenting. I picked up a second oak barrel, but instead of pouring more Bourbon mash, I obtained some crystal clear Rye grain alcohol. This Polish 190 Proof pure Rye grain alcohol, is the only grain alcohol a friend of mine uses for his Arancello (an Italian orange liqueur that you make with Italian blood oranges, sugar and this super alcohol).

Will this unique grain alcohol make a good aged Rye Whiskey? It won't be ready until August of September, but from the looks of has a very good amber will be excellent!

Doc Maino's Time Warped Aged, Micro-barrel, Very, Very Small Batch Whiskey

The Bourbon Mash Whisky is on the left. The Spirytus Rektyfikowany Rye Grain Alcohol aging whisky is on the right. Notice the much deeper amber color of the Rye whiskey which has not been aging nearly as long as the Bourbon Mash whisky. Maybe my next experiment will be with mixing the Bourbon Mash and the Spirytus 50/50! I wonder what that will taste like?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Aging Your Own Whiskey Update

Aging Your Own Whisky Update

On July 19th my first Age Your Own Bottle of Whiskey should be ready for some sipping....or I may wait just a bit longer.

Every wonder how to age your own whiskey? It's easy with this aging whisky kit by Woodinville Distillery Age Your Own Whiskey Kit.

Tommorrow I will post some pictures of how my project is coming along.

Watch the video below for more information...

8 Exercises to Improve Your Mental Health

8 Exercises to Improve Your Mental Health

As we age, our mental health deteriorates and we become less sharp. But just because your memory is fading and your problem-solving skills have weakened throughout the years doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around and improve your mental health today. All our brains need are some good teasers and training to come back to life. Here are eight exercises to improve your mental health.....

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