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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Daughter named Employee of the Month at Neumann Family Services

Christina Maino  Named Employee of the Month at Neumann Family Services
The Employee Recognition (Kudos) Committee is pleased to add PSR Instructor Christina Maino to the roster of those named Employee of the Month.  She has consistently volunteered to develop and engage clients in special and creative projects beyond their regular programming routine.  She readily takes a lead in assisting our clients to organize teams to run fund raisers, consumer advocacy and education groups, client council meetings, special home room projects, holiday events and client team building and peer support projects.  She invests additional  time to participate on committees to represent the PSR team and clients during all agency sponsored events.  She is incredibly creative, energetic and positive.  Christina’s efforts not only support Neumann’s mission but are instrumental in aiding recovery through building peer support and enhancing resilience.  Congratulations, Christina! 

Comments: Way to go Daughter Dearist! Dad

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