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Friday, August 31, 2012

Eye Wear Protection for Your Puppy

Eye Wear Protection for Your Puppy 

As many of you know, I am currently providing eye and vision care services at Lyons Family Eye Care on Lincoln at Belmont/Ashland in Chicago. My areas of expertise include pediatric vision care, problems associated with binocular vision (amblyopia/strabismus/convergence insufficiency/etc) and learning related vision problems (vision information processing anomalies). I also have a keen interest in working with those who have experienced a brain injury (traumatic brain injury/CVA/etc) and who have developmental disabilities.

Lyons Family Eye Care (LFEC) is an awesome place to provide eye care for all my patients....we also provide safety eye wear for your puppies! The Chicago neighborhood that LFEC is located in is very dog friendly...and you can often see Dr. Stephanie Lyon's puppies (Chance and Lucky) entertaining all the patients both the young and the more chronologically enhanced equally.

Recently we had Dinosaur and his human drop by for some Doggles. Dinosaur rides along on a scooter and needed safety eye wear. He looked awesome! If your puppy hangs their head out the car window while you drive...or if like Dinosaur...rides your bike, motorcycle or need a pair of these! ( not only makes your puppy adorable, but also protects their eyes!)

Please note the safety belt around Dinosaur!

One of my Facebook Friends just said that "Doggles are great! I had a dog that kept running into stuff with his eye and having ulcers. Doggles stopped that from happening. They're great for dogs that like to ride in the car with their heads out the window, and for dogs at the beach or in the desert. I understand that the dogs helping our troops in Iraq all had Doggles."

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