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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Doc Maino's Time Warped Aged, Micro-barrel, Very, Very Small Batch Whiskey: It's Done!

Doc Maino's Time Warped Aged, Micro-barrel, Very, Very Small Batch Whiskey: It is finally Done! Batch 1 Complete. Mission Accomplished!!

Here's my review:


As you know, I have been learning as much as I can about whiskey and how it is made. My interest started with single malt Scotch, then American whiskey and Bourbon, whiskeys made in other countries and finally....making my own with a whisky aging kit. 

The Woodinville kit is composed of 2 bottles of Bourbon mash, a 2 liter charred Oak barrel, a funnel and two Glencairn Glasses. I was so fascinated by this process, that I decided I would start a second barrel aging as well, but use a spirit called Spirytus, a Polish rye based grain alcohol (151 proof). This I thought, should  yield a Rye whiskey result. About 2 weeks ago, I tried the aged Bourbon mash, but it wasn't quite ready so I let it age just a bit more. Well, I'm happy to report that both whiskies are now ready.....I actually have 3 different whiskies to tell you about.

 As you know, the initial Bourbon Mash and Rye spirits start out clear. There is no color and little flavor except for that brought forth by the alcohol content. The first glass has the clear grain alcohol. The second is the aged Bourbon Mash. The next is the Rye based aged whiskey and the last one is a blended whiskey at least 51% Rye based. Note the difference in color even though the Bourbon Mash was aged the longest and the Rye the least.
 This is the aged Bourbon Mash, It is about 40% ABV (alcohol by volume) or 80 Proof). The nose resembles that of a young Tennessee whiskey with plenty of oak, almost sweet with slight smoke and even though it is only 80 need to watch for a bit of nose burn. It has a somewhat warming intensity with a palate that definitely points to its corn based beginning. This is not a whiskey to be sipped neat. I would highly recommend that you add a bit of ice and a dash of water to bring out the flavor. As my first try at aging my own whisky, it it's not bad at all!
 My Rye based whiskey has a richer, darker amber color. It aged nicely in about 3 months in the 2 liter barrel. Since I used 75.1 ABV Spirytus and did not dilute this with water, the end result is about 151 proof. Be careful with this one! The nose has some alcohol burn, a Rye sweetness, a bit of cinnamon and, of course, Oak. This has a definite warming intensity with an earthy, dried hops, Oaky, mild cinnamon flavor. The finish is lasting and clean..

When I told my son that I was aging my own whiskey, he bought me a beautiful crystal decanter with 2 heavy glasses. He had the following inscribed "Pop's Scotch: Cheers to you, today, tomorrow & always". (I can't call my creation Scotch, however, since it wasn't made in Scotland!) I saved this decanter for the best of my experiment.

My best idea with this project was to blend the Bourbon Mash with the Rye based whiskey for an end result that combined the best of both. The Bourbon Mash altered the sweetness of the two distillates, intensified the flavors, added to its warmth and made this almost of the sipping neat quality I've come to enjoy with my single malt Scotch. I, however, still prefer this on the rocks with a dash of water. Adding ice and water brings out the highlights of this particular self-aged whiskey.

Well, this experiment turned out so well, I just started on my second batch. I'm aging 2 barrels of Rye+Bourbon Mash already mixed in the barrel with just a bit more rye in each. This batch should be ready by Christmas!! DM

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