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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Comment on "ASCRS Small Mindedness, Pettiness Bad for Quality Patient Care"

I received this comment on my recent blog about the ASCRS:  

I believe the proper acronym is ASCRS for the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery--not to be confused with the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (also ASCRS:) It is encouraging to see that optometrists have been named to the Task Force but they would appear to be mostly employed by ophthalmology. It would be interesting to see an optometrist named to the Task Force who employs an ophthalmologist. While this is not the usual arrangement,this model does exist and including this type of colleague in discussions might open some eyes to the valuable role of optometry in primary eye care. on ASCRS Small Mindedness, Pettiness Bad for Quality Patient Care

I want to thank the anonymous commentator for letting me know that the proper acronym is ASCRS. I fixed the typo in my heading immediately. Unfortunately s/he seemed to miss the bigger issue. This bigger issue is the fact that the leadership of the ASCRS has made the whole organization look small minded, petty and only interested in an agenda that belittles their profession.  I would also like to see an optometrist who employees an ophthalmologist (OMD) as a part of the task force...but wait!!!...that cannot happen because the ASCRS only lets those optometrists employed by an OMD participate.

If the ASCRS really wanted to make sure our patients received the best possible care they would want optometry to participate as equals in their continuing education programs and any activity involving patient care. But wait!!! ASCRS has banned optometry from participating (unless they are employed by an OMD).

ASCRS should know that surgeons are seldom, if ever, considered as primary care doctors (unlike optometrists who provide the majority of primary eye care to this country's citizens) and put a plan into action that would recognize that the optometrist should lead any integrative team as the primary eye care doctor. As always I welcome all feed back. DM

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