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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doc Maino's Time Warped Aged, Micro-barrel, Very, Very Small Batch Whiskey

Almost Ready

Today is July 2nd. The Bourbon mash has been sitting in its charred oak barrel since April 19th. Supposedly....after about 3 experiment should be over. Since this is a very small barrel....the wood to alcohol ratio is such that it takes significantly shorter to age into a drinkable whiskey.

You will notice (see below) that there are 2 barrels in this picture. The one on the left (and the glass on the left) is my original Bourbon mash aged almost 3 months. Do you see how the deep golden color appears compared to the very clear color of the liquid of the glass in the middle? This whisky has picked up the influence of the oak barrel....and when ready should have the characteristic vanilla and caramel notes when sipped.

Ah, but here is where I did a bit of experimenting. I picked up a second oak barrel, but instead of pouring more Bourbon mash, I obtained some crystal clear Rye grain alcohol. This Polish 190 Proof pure Rye grain alcohol, is the only grain alcohol a friend of mine uses for his Arancello (an Italian orange liqueur that you make with Italian blood oranges, sugar and this super alcohol).

Will this unique grain alcohol make a good aged Rye Whiskey? It won't be ready until August of September, but from the looks of has a very good amber will be excellent!

Doc Maino's Time Warped Aged, Micro-barrel, Very, Very Small Batch Whiskey

The Bourbon Mash Whisky is on the left. The Spirytus Rektyfikowany Rye Grain Alcohol aging whisky is on the right. Notice the much deeper amber color of the Rye whiskey which has not been aging nearly as long as the Bourbon Mash whisky. Maybe my next experiment will be with mixing the Bourbon Mash and the Spirytus 50/50! I wonder what that will taste like?

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