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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Commentary on Mistakes

Following in the footsteps of my opthalmological refractive surgeon colleagues, I no longer make mistakes...I only do enhancements!

But let's face it, I've been around long enough now so that I have earned the title of being chronologically enhanced. This means that I've had plenty of opportunities to make mistakes.

Last Sunday, I cantered the 9:30AM Mass for my wife who was working. I really did not have an opportunity to look at the music beforehand....but  I've been doing this for a number of years, so I felt fairly confident that there wouldn't be any problems.

Except for the Psalm. There is a composer by the name of Guimont who writes Psalms that I seldom like. For the most part I find his Psalms boring. The pitch goes up a note or two....and then down a note or two.... There is seldom any harmony involved.

I hadn't sung this particular Psalm before, but after a brief practice with my music director just prior to Mass I problems....

I'm literally standing in front of God and everybody when the introduction to the Psalm starts. I come in when I'm supposed to and actually manage to sing the first verse fairly well.

During the second verse I decided (for some unknown reason) to make up my own words...and throw in a few new and interesting notes (at least they were in the same key)... the bottom line being I made a couple of mistakes....

As I started the 3rd verse I decided to sing a bit louder and let the words of the Psalm touch my heart. I just decided to "enhance" my mistakes by letting go....and let God handle the rest.

In the 3rd verse I wasn't just singing, I was making music.

There's a saying...when you sing, you pray twice.

I think that when you make good music that your prayer is sent by special delivery!

Enhancements are always so much better than mistakes.DM

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