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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 14: Doc Maino's Time Warped Aged, Micro-barrel, Very, Very Small Batch Whiskey

Day 14: Doc Maino's Time Warped Aged, Micro-barrel, Very, Very Small Batch Whiskey 

Today is Day 14. The Bourbon mash has been sitting in the oak barrel for 14 days. Notice the color change? It is a bit darker than last week. The aroma this time is very less pronounced. Less corn. Less alcohol. The taste is also less. Less sweet. Less corn. Less alcohol. is not changing the way I thought it would. Stay tuned for more commentary next week.


My Time Warped Aged, Micro-barrel, Very Small Barch whiskey has now aged 7 days. The color has started to turn significantly whiskey like...going towards pale gold. The aroma is hi-octane alcohol with lots of corn, grain, cereal. Very sweet, not real whiskey-like just yet. Let's see what happens on day 14.

 Day 1

As many of you know, I have been studying whiskey. In particular single malt Scotch whisky. As a connoisseur in training, I have used many resources including books, videos and even going to Scotland! It is now  time for me to take my apprenticeship one step further....and take on the task of creating aqua vitae for myself.

The end result (I hope) will be
 "Doc Maino's Time Warped Aged Micro-barrel Very Small Batch Whiskey"

To assist me in this task, I have enlisted the Woodinville Whiskey Company of Woodinville, WA. They have a unique aging whisky kit that should result in a Bourbon-like elixir after a certain period of time.

 The kit, as noted to the left, comes in a nice box that protects all the needed ingredients.
The ingredients include an Oak barrel, two liters of mash, two glasses, and a funnel.

You start by putting hot water into the barrel so the wood swells. After 3-4 days it should be ready for the Bourbon mash.

Stay tuned for more.

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