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Monday, April 30, 2012

Shed light on the dark areas of power and influence

I just emailed this to John Kass. John is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. He is the ultimate teller of stories. Some stories will make you times they will make you sad, or just nod your head in agreement.

Often when he talks about the abuse of power...usually by will quickly place a look of outrage upon your face.... He never writes boring.

John often writes about his day to day life, his family, trips to Greece and Turkey....and even events that occur while he is having a haircut. Read John Kass. He brings life to the printed page, stimulation for the brain, and reality to the story of the day. My email to John is below. Your comments are appreciated. DM

Dear John...

I've been reading your columns for a while now...and just finished this Sunday's offering. Awesome!

You are someone who knows his roots and appreciates what your readers should know as well. You are also great at hitting hard all those who take advantage of their position of power or wealth when it adversely affects your readers.

As an editor of a professional journal I have some small idea of what it takes to write an article people actually want to read.

Sometimes I poke fun at an industry (Maino D.
The airlines manual of practice management for optometry. Optom Vis Dev 2008;39(3):111-112.) or compare two disparate concepts (Maino D. Single Malt Scotch and Developmetal Optometry. Optom Vis Dev 2012;43(1):6-9) .....

.....other times I'm very serious about problems within the healthcare arena or point out problems most ignore (Maino D.
The number of placebo controlled, double blind, prospective, and randomized strabismus surgery outcome clinical trials: none!. Optom Vis Dev 2011;42(3):134-136.)...

....and I often use satire (Maino D.
DMM scope of practice data series: ophthalmology. Optom Vis Dev 2010;41(2):66-69.) to emphasize the absurdity of power.....

Keep up the good work. Keep me informed. Shed light on the dark areas of power and influence.

My son thanks you (Dominic III); my grandsons thank you (Dominic IV and Vincenzo), [if my dad (Dominic I) was still with us he would definitely thank you as well], my daughter thanks you (Christina....tried to name her wife didn't like that idea very much) wife thanks you (Sylvia)...and of course...I thank you ... for all you do.

Thanks again.....for all you do.


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