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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Being a Good House Husband and...

Today I was being a good house husband and more.....I was visiting Aunty Jewel....picking up  a few groceries here and there. When I had a brilliant idea! I was going to make dinner ....something a bit different....

I picked up the makings for pizza......and "the spirits lady" was featuring a wide variety of products to try out including "Skinny Girls Pino Colada". Now I am certainly not skinny....nor am I a girl....but what the a new Millenium kinda guy...I took a sip and thought that my wife might like it.

I made an andouille Cajun pizza with 3 cheeses, green pepper, onion and mushrooms. I also used the Skinny Girls Pino Colada to make a Pina Colada ala Maino by adding orange and lemon zest, a slice of lemon and orange with some shredded coconut thrown in mixed with crushed ice. I then poured the Skinny Girls Pino Colada over this and gently swirled it together.

I also added two dozen roses to this mix as well. (Not in the drink, silly!)

When I picked up my wife from work....she was presented with the roses, the Maino (you can drink this with a clear conscious because it's skinny) Pino Colada and my andouille pizza!

She liked it all after a hard day at work.

I'm a pretty good house husband if I say so myself!! DM

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