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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Watch for It!! NEW AOANews Column about Technology

Watch for It!! NEW AOANews Column about Technology

Knowing the importance of the role technology plays in the lives of our patients and the doctors who serve them, the American Optometric Association has asked Illinois College of Optometry faculty members, Dr. Dominick Maino and Dr. Geoffrey Goodfellow to co-author a brand new AOANews column on technology. The very first column discusses the latest in new Heads Up Displays (HUDs) that will be built into a pair of glasses, motorcycle helmets and car windshields.
Drs. Goodfellow and Maino previously authored the technology column in the journal Optometric Education, an official publication of the Association of the Schools and Colleges of Optometry. Dr. Maino was one of the very first optometrists to ever author a book on technology which was entitled, Computer Applications in Optometry. It was originally published by Buttersworth in 1989 along with his brother, and fellow Illinois College of Optometry graduate Dr. Joseph Maino and UMSL School of Optometry faculty Dr. David Davidson. Maino and Goodfellow also serve on the AOA's Technology Working Group. Dr. Maino is the current AOA spokesperson on all things 3D as well (3D movies, TV, video games and in the class room).

The Illinois College of Optometry has always encouraged its faculty to be at the cutting edge of all they do whether it is in the area of glaucoma, amblyopia, or refractive care. Drs. Maino and Goodfellow just take this to the next logical step in this important AOANews column.

Finally, watch for an announcement by the Vision Performance Institute of Pacific University about their up and coming 6th Annual VPI Research Conference. Dr. Maino was asked to present at this as well. He will discuss how to improve the 3D viewing audience so they can better enjoy their 3D experience.

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