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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Glenfarclas 21 Tasting Notes

Glenfarclas 21 Tasting Notes

This is my first experience with any of the Glenfarclas single malt Scotch varieties.  I like it.

The alcohol by volume (ABV) is 43% ...right in the range I like it to be.


Color: Dark amber with the hint of burnt gold.  When you swirl it in your nosing glass, it leaves a barely discernible footprint. It clings but for a short time.

Nose: Firm, the more deeply you inhale...the strength manifests with a slight peppery sensation , full of aromas of variable strength - fruity, citrus notes at the end, some sweetness.

Flavor: Full-bodied rich, firm, warm, you know you are drinking whisky. A bit of spice.

Finish: Very long-lasting, smooth, a bit of a bite. Warmth from the first the last...from the tongue to the gullet. Amazing.

Add a wee bit of water.

Color: Dark amber with the hint of burnt gold.  Thins very so slightly.

Nose: Even though I just diluted is even more firm, warmth from the first inhale of the fumes, the peppery sensation for some reasons seems intensified , the aromas become slightly muted but you can still note mild fruity, citrus odor....the sweetness is mellowed.

Flavor: I do not know why...perhaps the water opens the whisky even more,  but you seem to feel the "heat" more remains firm, warm for a very long time. The bit of spice remains.

Finish: Surprisingly, the addition of water makes the finish even more long-lasting. Many minutes passed before the flavor subsided. The smoothness remained, as did a mellow bite. Increased warmth from the first the last...from the nose to the tongue to the gullet. Still amazing for long after the glass was empty.

MainosMusings Rating? 5M's of course!! MMMMMs

I think I like Highland Scotch the very best....but will keep you posted! DM

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