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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Angel Food Bakery

Angel Food Bakery is owned and operated by a fellow Beloit College Alum (Stephanie Samuels)....I first heard about her bakery/cafe via the Beloit College Alumni News Magazine. I have now eaten there 3 times...this time I took along my St. Bartholomew Chorister buddies: Sylvia (wife extraordinaire),  Sr. Kevin and Kathy. We enjoyed ourselves completely. Great food! Go get some! DM

When the oven is on....go on in!

Below: Sr. Kevin and Kathy enjoying the great coffee!

Below: Sylvia in deep conversation, while enjoying the company of choir friends while at Angel Food Bakery Restaurant.

This is their "simple" grilled cheese sandwich! Smoked Gouda oozing out the side, caramelized onions,  home made        7 grain bread...and a salad of many mixed greens with thin slices of apple.  I am hungry and too far away to order me one...but soon, very soon.

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